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As a nursing mother, many of us experience times when we had popped different kinds of supplements or pills in an desperate effort to meet the never ending need of our little addition in our family aka little milk junkie.


That makes us wonder isn't there any other natural way to increase my boobies supply? Is there some sort of proper food (no pills please) that nursing mothers can enjoy eating?


Breastfeeding journey is not easy and it requires so much perseverance, some times I would wish to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with delicious pastries, relax and read a book (of course this could only happen when I sneak away while our baby is asleep). 


Cookie4milk was then conceptualized. We insisted that it must taste deliciously yummy because this is an implicit reward to our nursing mothers.


Our cookies are hand made with love, pack filled with nutritious natural goodies that has been traditionally used in many parts of the world and generations to increase breastmilk supply. 


I hope all nursing mothers will enjoy eating our pastries as much as we love baking for you.

Yours Lovingly 



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